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How to upgrade your hard drive to an SSD

Updated October 15, 2015

SSDs are noticeably faster than a hard drive

If you're considering upgrading your existing PC, an upgrade that will make a noticeable difference to the performance of your PC is to upgrade your hard drive to an SSD (solid state drive), and then to install your operating system on the new SSD. An SSD can be up to ten times faster than your hard drive and sometimes more, which means faster boot up of your OS and loading of programs installed on an SSD!


Install Linux on the SSD for a faster boot

Regardless of whether you have Windows on your current hard drive, we recommend installing free Linux on the new SSD which will save you money from having to buy a new version of Windows, assuming you have an older version of Windows installed. See how you save with Linux. It's also frankly in our opinion easier and faster to install Linux than Windows!

SSD Upgrade Kit

We have created a simple SSD Upgrade Kit for you below and provide you step by step instructions on:

Important: SATA port needed

You do need an open SATA port on your motherboard or on a PCI or PCIe storage controller adapter card attached to your motherboard so you can connect your new SSD. Even if your SATA port is the older SATA 1 (1.5 Gbps) or SATA 2 (3 Gbps) and not SATA 3 (6 Gbps), you should still see a noticeable difference in your existing PC's performance with an SSD.

Important: PSU SATA power connector needed

You do need an open SATA power connector on your PSU (power supply unit) so you can connect power to your new SSD. Older PSUs may only have Molex power connectors and no SATA power connectors in which case you will need a Molex to SATA adapter, or you can get a new PSU if you're looking to upgrade that as well. These options are provided in the SSD Upgrade Kit if you need them.

Recommended parts for your SSD Upgrade Kit

If you want to order any of the parts below just contact us.

SSD Solid state drive

Crucial BX200 SSD 240 GB Internal 2.5 inch Solid State Drive

Capacity 240 GB, sequential read 540 MB/s, sequential write 490 MB/s, random read 66,000 IOPS, random write 78,000 IOPS, 2.5 inch form factor, SATA 6 Gbps interface.

Recommended for mini PCs and mainstream PCs.

See how we choose a hard drive and/or solid state drive.


Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250 GB 2.5 inch SATA 6 Gbps

Capacity 250 GB, sequential read up to 540 MBps, sequential write up to 520 MBps, 4KB random read up to 97,000 IOPS, 4KB random write up to 88,000 IOPS, 2.5 inch form factor, SATA 6 Gbps interface.

Recommended for mainstream and gaming PCs.

Drive bay adapter bracket

Kingston 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch adapter bracket and screws for the SSD

You will need this if your case does not have an open 2.5 inch drive bay. This adapter allows you to install an SSD into an open 3.5 inch drive bay typically used for traditional hard drives.

SATA cable

VCOM 19 inch SATA3 to SATA3 cable with locking latch

You will need this if you don't have a spare SATA cable to connect your SSD to the motherboard.

Molex to SATA power adapter cable

VCOM 6 inch 4 Pin Molex Male to SATA Power Cable

You will need this if your PSU only has Molex power connectors and no SATA power connector, to connect your SSD to the PSU.

Hard drive

1 TB (1000 GB) Western Digital WD Blue, SATA 6 Gbps, WD10EZEX

1 TB, SATA 6 Gbps, 7200 RPM, 64 MB Cache. 3.5 inch.

Recommended if you want to complement your SSD drive with more storage capacity for data, music, video, photo files. An SSD plus hard drive combo is cheaper than a single larger SSD.

More storage than you'll probably need! For illustration - 200,000 photos or 76 video hours or 250,000 songs!

DVD CD drive


DVD Write Speed 24x maximum, CD Write Speed 48x maximum, SATA interface
Play and record DVDs and CDs with a fast DVD Writer supporting multiple formats!

Recommended if you want to add a DVD rewriter for saving data, music, video, photo files on CDs and DVDs, to play music or movies on your PC, or to install the OS and programs from a DVD. Remember you can install the OS from a USB flash drive as well.

See how we choose a DVD CD drive.


SilverStone Precision Series PS08 Black case

Micro-ATX Mid-Tower, black, USB 3.0 front ports, 1x120mm fan
Stay cool with a great looking case with room for future upgrades!

Recommended if you need a new case, this one has a 2.5 inch drive bay for an SSD so no separate adapter bracket will be required. Obviously this will involve a complete reassembly of your PC, but if you want a change this is a good looking case with plenty of room for a mainstream PC or an affordable gaming PC!

See how we choose a computer case.

PSU Power supply unit

Enermax NAXN 450W

High quality Enermax PSU! 450 Watts, ultra silent 12cm fan, connectors include 1x6+2 pin PCI-E, 1x6 pin PCI-E, 8/4 pin CPU and more
Power on with a quiet stable PSU with reserve power and spare connectors for future upgrades!

Recommended for a mainstream PC if you want to upgrade your PSU if your current PSU doesn't have the connectors you need. Remember to look into connector adapters before you upgrade the PSU, that's cheaper.

See how we choose a PSU.

Due to fast changing technology, supply factors and dropping prices we may substitute a part for another we consider the same or better with no increase in price.


Recent updates to SSD Upgrade Kit

October 15, 2015. New offering, upgrade your existing PC if you can and save!

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