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How to choose a CPU Chip Processor for a PC

Upgrade Path

The place to start in choosing a CPU is to think about the CPU upgrade path. You should easily be able to upgrade the CPU you choose now, by simply dropping into your motherboard a faster CPU in the future when its price has fallen. Thereby extending the life of your PC. To do this make sure the motherboard you choose today has a CPU socket that will fit the latest high end CPUs or even yet to be released CPUs.

For mainstream and gaming PCs that would be motherboards with socket LGA 1151 for Intel's 9th generation Coffee Lake CPU architecture. For AMD CPUs motherboards with socket AM4 will be the best way to have an upgrade path. AMD deserves credit for using the same socket through multiple generations of their CPUs, allowing easy inexpensive CPU upgrades over time without having to replace motherboards.

Intel Pentium Processor

For mini PCs Intel's solution includes embedded CPUs. An embedded CPU means you're buying a CPU and motherboard as one single soldered part compared to a socketed CPU where you buy the two parts separately. There's no upgrading embedded CPUs, both the CPU and motherboard have to be replaced. Some of these CPU motherboard combos are cheap enough it's not that much of an issue, but it does take more work upgrading compared to just dropping in a new socketed CPU into your current motherboard.

For high-end desktops and workstations with heavy workloads requirements, for Intel CPUs consider motherboards with socket LGA 2066/R4. For AMD CPUs consider motherboards with the socket TR4.

Next is price

Given how fast CPUs are today you really don't need to spend more than around $50 to $65 dollars for a mainstream PC CPU. As an example a current Intel Celeron CPU or an AMD Athlon Processor with Radeon Vega 3 Graphics that costs around $60 can perform all the mainstream tasks you want without a meaningful performance difference compared to a $200 or $300 or even a $1000 CPU!

For a gaming PC CPU around $70 to $120 will get you an affordable but very capable gaming CPU. For a high end gaming PC you might have to spend around $200 to $250.

For an ultra gaming or workstation or server it's $300 and higher for the CPU.

Different features to consider

Clock speed, number of cores, hyper threading and CPU architecture are main features to consider. Power consumption and overclocking potential are other factors. You're getting the best of these features automatically by getting CPUs for the motherboard sockets mentioned above.

Number of cores

One focus today on improving CPU processing performance is by placing more CPU cores on a chip. At this time, this includes up to 12 cores 24 threads for desktop CPUs, 32 cores 64 threads for high end desktops/workstations and more for server CPUs including 56 cores 112 threads.

Hyper threading is a CPU feature that simulates doubling the CPU cores without adding more physical cores, keeping the cost down. It saves money and does the job well.

2 cores 4 threads is fine for mainstream computing. Gamers should aim for at least 4 cores. Workstations need more cores to crunch through heavy workloads.

Clock speed is still important

With regard to clock speed or frequency, which is still a very important factor, we believe gamers should get a clock speed of 3.0 GHz or higher. For mainstream users even 2.0 GHz is fine. Computer enthusiasts can often overclock these CPUs to get a higher clock speed than just the CPU's rated speed. Overclock, but carefully. Low wattage CPUs need a lower clock speed to keep cool in fanless configurations.

Integrated Graphics in the CPU

Some CPUs have integrated graphics capabilities built into the CPU and some don't. CPUs with integrated graphics are for those who want decent graphics, good enough for a 4K display and to play casual games, and also for someone who wants a smaller or a mini PC. They're a great solution, substantially cheaper than the alternative of having to spend on a separate video card and they don't take up the space a video card would. CPUs with integrated graphics are the way to go in mainstream PCs.

For a gaming PC we'll be pairing the CPU with a separate video card that has more graphics power than the integrated graphics buit into a CPU. 3D games play smoother with the more powerful graphics that come on separate video cards. Note a CPU with integrated graphics is typically more expensive than a comparable CPU without integrated graphics. So if you get a CPU with integrated graphics for a gaming PC you're paying for something you're not going to use since you'll be using a separate video card. See if you can save by getting a CPU without integrated graphics for a Gaming PC.

CPU for a mini PC

Since technology changes so fast, instead of listing CPUs here for different categories of PCs please refer to our current builds which we keep current, we'll link to them below.

Sense mini PC
Sense mini PC 2

CPU for a mainstream PC

Sense PC
Sense PC 2

CPU for an affordable gaming PC

Dream PC

CPU for an affordable extreme gaming PC

Dream Big PC

CPU for a moderate workload workstation or server

Dream WS

CPU for a heavy work load workstation or server

Dream WS 2

Linux interest and freedom from big tech articles!

Dec 2, 2021: Microsoft’s new Windows prompts try to stop people downloading Chrome - The Verge
“Microsoft has also been making it harder to switch default browsers in Windows 11 and forcing people into using Edge through Windows updates. These latest prompts also follow widespread criticism of Microsoft building a “buy now, pay later” tool directly into Edge that prompts users to use a short-term financing service.” - from the last para in that article.

Oct 8, 2021: Amazon Delivery Partners Rage Against the Machines: ‘We Were Treated Like Robots’ - Yahoo Finance
“They say work hard and make history, but Amazon is a culture of fear and anxiety.” - From the last line in that article.

Sep 10, 2021: Epic v. Apple ruling: Judge finds Apple's App Store restrictions violate antitrust law - Yahoo Finance
About time! - Kamil

Aug 28, 2021: Why You Suddenly Need To Delete Google Chrome - Forbes

FTC says Facebook has been a monopoly ‘since at least 2011’ in amended antitrust complaint - The Verge

Windows 11 Is Making It Absurdly Difficult to Change Browsers - GIZMODO
Don't these people at Microsoft behind this latest move know how to behave, it appears they never grow out of that mindset of cheap anti-competitive tricks, motivated by greed I guess or something else who knows, instead of just trying to do great stuff. Here try this instead Microsoft, create your browser, don't integrate it with Windows, make it available for download, market it like any other product, if it's any good people will use it, if not they won't. Don't force people to use it because you think you can get away with it. Weren't they told something similar by antitrust regulators sometime back, that article references that case, did they forget? - Kamil

What the Linux Mint developers have pulled off is nothing short of astounding - TechRepublic

Fired by Bot at Amazon: ‘It’s You Against the Machine’ - Bloomberg News
This is not good - Kamil

PC users are furious about the new Windows 11 design - Creative Bloq
Windows has been wanting to be Apple forever, constantly copying them, try and be original for a change, don't be afraid you're a big boy now, or maybe not lol - Kamil

Epic v. Apple fight: Billions at stake as judge determines fate of App Store - Yahoo!
Controlling and receiving a big cut of all apps on an iPhone by Apple is a joke, let's hope for a tech freedom verdict - Kamil

Google reportedly made it difficult for smartphone users to find privacy settings - The Verge

I looked at all the ways Microsoft Teams tracks users and my head is spinning - ZDNet

Microsoft just force restarted my Windows PC again to install more unwanted apps - The Verge

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What Operating System Is the Best Choice for Software Engineers? - Interesting Engineering
Hint: From the article "GNU/Linux is, hands down, the most highly acclaimed operating system for software engineering."

Microsoft: we were wrong about open source - The Verge

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