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Sense mini PC

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Sense mini PC 2

ASUS NUC 14 Pro Kit
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Dream PC

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Dream BIG PC

Fractal Design Meshify 2 RBG Black Tempered Glass Light Tint
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Speed WS

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Speed WS 2

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Speed SV

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Your reviews and feedback!

PC arrived Thursday. Got it setup last night (Friday). I turned it on and it works perfectly. I am, of course, writing this email on the new computer. Really fast, really quiet. The processor and memory upgrades are totally a good idea for me. I doubt I will need to upgrade for quite awhile. The Linux Mint distro is very nice. It's great to have such a fantastic desktop that works without fiddling around. I opened the case and I'm amazed how nice it looks inside. Your Sense PC 2 is really a beautiful selection of components. Obviously you spend a lot of attention to the details. I'm also grateful for your attention in setting things up, including naming the PC and setting up a user account for me. For the price I really was not expecting this much personal attention. This is a great deal, and everything about it exceeds my expectations. Thank you.

Super feedback James! That gives me confidence that we're doing good things and meeting and exceeding genuine needs for a hard working fast computer. Proud that we're a small part of the great work you and our other customers are doing on our computers everyday! We want you to enjoy the computer as you all work, play or simply use for everyday stuff. Thanks James, really appreciate the time you took to write this, it'll give others the confidence that they'll get a fast great computer at a good price when they order from us. Kamil

Hello Kamil,
PC arrived within time period stated and well packaged.
The computer has a very fast startup. Solid state drive is very quiet. An older printer was recognized without the need of drivers.
I appreciate all the personalization done on the settings this pretty much made this just a plug and play experience when all devices were connected.
Excellent customer service provided throughout process. Good followup. Which today is difficult to get.
Would highly recommend newcomers to Linux to try currentbuild.com as an alternative.
Thanks again
Angel in CT.

Fab Angel, thanks for that great feedback and thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it, it will help the business!
Thanks and I hope you enjoy your computer for a long time to come! Kamil

My computer arrived and I have never been so excited! It literally was a plug and play, with easy transfer of my files from my back up exterior hard drive. Everything about it was smooth, from finding it with my internet search, to actually SPEAKING to Kamil on the phone about what I needed in a new computer, to having it build, sent, receiving it, and using it. I would totally buy my next computer from Kamil, and I did! Thank you!

Hi Debra,
Fantastic feedback, many thanks, and I'm so glad you like your computer! Great speaking to you as well!
All, Deja Dup is a useful back up open source free program that we set up on the Sense PC 2 to take weekly auto back ups of the home folder and subdirectories to an external hard drive, easy to set up and easy to use, for those of you who need to make external back ups for business security or just general extra security.
Enjoy and thanks again Debra! Wish your business the maximum success. Kamil

If you read these reviews you will get this basic idea: The customer service is stellar.

I was fed up with the proprietary world of Windows and Mac. After my second mac laptop flamed out a GPU, I had had enough. I wanted to try linux and put it on a bigger platform.

This site and the concept it works from was great for me. Test drive linux and get a "muscle car" without having to worry if you have compatible components.

First, you get the chance to test drive the Linux Mint by having a distro that virtualizes nicely. You can get used to the way the lay out of the interface works. Then you get a machine where you can count on the hardware to work well together.

When I bought my machine, I thought I was going to have the right chassis from the start. I didn't. I hadn't counted on the changes with chassis configuration that had happened since the last time I built machines myself. I was going to need to change it. Upon contacting Kamil, he was immediately setting out to improve the outcome. I found a compatible chassis that fit my usage needs and he not only got the chassis in for me (at a reasonable cost) but also a compatible dvd unit. He really goes the extra mile.

With his site, he is actually already encouraging people to build their own and in that, I just followed up by seamless moving the components from one chassis to another. Fortunately Kamil has the foresight to include all the parts that come with each component and you can get it done easily.

I am a bit of a tinkerer, so this added to the fun!. The quality of the unit, the quality of the service. Just stellar.

My older brother even more of a computer geek than me, was so impressed, he is considering one of his own.

Jim that's fantastic!

I love the way you started - I was fed up with the proprietary world of Windows and Mac - I should use that line as my advertising headline! I might with your permission!

Thanks a lot Jim, that'll help others, will give them confidence to buy so they'll get something better, and it will help my business.

Stay in touch and hope to hear from your brother as well! I'll serve him well.

Thanks again!

Hi Kamil,

I'm sorry for not writing sooner, but better late than never.

I want you to know that we are quite pleased with the computer. I've got it mostly set up. It is well built and fast.

Thank you,

Super Gary enjoy! Well built and fast, love that feedback, always glad when a customer is pleased with their computer. Thanks for taking the time to write that. Kamil

A couple of years ago, I bought a water cooled Linux computer from CurrentBuild Computer. It was with the most powerful AMD computer chip made at the time. After a couple of years, it started overheating, well past the warranty period of the machine. I can see how some may be uncomfortable having a company across the country ship you your computer. What happens if something goes wrong?

Well, it did and CurrentBuild Computer stepped up to the plate and found out all the information that I needed to contact the people who built the cooling system. Being that CurrentBuild Computer was across the country, I did not want to ship the computer back for repairs. The video card was extremely heavy and would have needed to be pulled.

I had a local computer shop that does commercial work install the replacement radiator and pump. The vendor had recalled the cooling unit. Other than for a couple of hours for the computer tech, I was up and running even faster than before.

Things happen, that's part of life. It is how a company does backup with support that matters. CurrentBuild Computer supplied the support I needed and kept in touch through the process.

This makes me feel very comfortable ordering another computer from CurrentBuild Computer when the time comes for another computer.

Scott Bame in Michigan
P. S. You might want to see my first review listed below.

Hi Scott,
Super feedback Scott, thanks very much! I also have to give credit to Fractal Design the manufacturer of the AIO (All-in-one) liquid CPU cooler for stepping up and supporting their CPU cooler that was used in the Dream Big PC. They replaced their CPU Cooler for free and quickly shipped you the part to get you back up and runnung! Great job with the local computer shop that installed it. Sorry about the inconvenience you had to go through, but as they say all's well that ends well. We use top manufactureres whose parts rarely fail during their expected lifetimes and if and when they do they tend to stand behind them, as Fractal did. All, please check out Scott's fabulous linux computer video review he created earlier on the initial purchase of the Dream Big PC Custom. Thanks Scott, hope your computer purrs on coolly and quietly for a long time to come with that new CPU cooler! Stay in touch!


Upgrade Kit?
Howdy! Got a PC(Dream) from you 6(?) years ago, it's been great for the age. Return business means you're doing something right :-)
I noticed you sell assembly kits - do you ever sell "upgrade kits"? Or do upgrade work? Recommendations on finding shops to do upgrade work for the people too lazy to assemble stuff like CPUs?
It's honestly been working so well I probably know less than your average linux user should ;-)
Swapped in memory/etc. here and there. Running 64 gigs of ram, RTX 1050, G4600@3.6ghz, etc... Been too lazy to swap out the SSD, so I just assembled an external drive and plugged it in.

Howdy Brad,
Glad the Dream PC has served you well all these years and continues to do so, yes you bought it Dec. 2017, thanks!
I do get requests from time to time after a few years folks want to upgrade, mostly it's memory, just had one yesterday, upgraded from 8GB to 32GB, an easy upgrade and prices of memory have cratered so it's great for them. Occasionally it's adding or upgrading a video card.
All my PC models are designed for that, fast now and for future upgrades, glad you upgraded yours, enjoy and thanks for the update!

Hi Kamil,
I would like to send some feedback.

The computer is awesome and fast.
The support was awesome and fast, you responded to emails right away.
The going out of your way to ensure I had extra long data cables was fabulous.

I will recommend you to all my Linux friends.

I got the computer up, madam raid 6 array going with the 4 data drives, all the software installed, web site working, all the stuff migrated from my old linux workstation including Zenphoto, samba, mysql, Apache, all the certs and applications and programs…. I didn’t use the GUI
Tho … I am a command line guy and use scripts, I dont like to click in GUI's :)

Had some fun with VMware and the vmplayer and the secure boot … had to manually sign some stuff kb.vmware.com/s/article/2146460 .. other option would be to disable secure boot but I decided against that.

With Thanks and Regards

Hi Mike, that's so great thanks! You being a Linux command line guy writing scripts will make your endorsement resonate even more, glad I met your pro needs. Thanks for the referrals to your Linux friends, appreciate that, looking forward to serving them. Thanks and enjoy that awesome fast computer! By the way you can change the RGB lighting to your preference with the RGB controller button on the case!

Everything about my new Sense PC with Ubuntu has been beautiful. It arrived quickly and well-packaged seven days after I ordered it and it was exactly as advertised. It is worlds better than my previous Linux machine, which I had made by installing Ubuntu over Windows 8 more than ten years ago, and which I never did get configured completely right. I encountered no problems at all in setting up the Sense PC and have found it incredibly fast compared to my old machine. It is really worth it to get a computer built with Linux from the start like these Sense PCs.

Many thanks Steve, pleasure working with you. Well done on getting on Linux early, an early adopter of a great free technology!
Thanks again, Kamil

Kamil, thanks for the super fast Sense PC 2. Everything was to spec. Did more than expected as in the well packed box, cables placed out of the way. Great job! I have ran Linux Lite for the past couple of years on an aged box. Love Mint so far. Any suggestions on why after running a few programs for a while my free mem is low as it's all in the buff/cache? Thanks again for the great sys. Will buy again. Mark S

Many thanks Mark for that great feedback! Some of these memory measuring usage programs may be off, or the reading means something else and not of a concern, maybe try another app that measures it and compare them. If you find your computer fast and responsive I wouldn't worry about that measure. And of course one can always add more physical memory in the future.
Thanks again and enjoy!

Thanks Kamil.
You have no idea how glad I am that I discovered CurrentBuild.
It has changed the direction of my computerized life. :)
I now only hope that at least some of the people I tell about the great service and systems found at CurrentBuild are contacting and buying systems from you.
Mark M.

Hi Mark,
Such kind comments, thanks. Always great to have a repeat customer, tells us we're doing something right. Kamil

I really like my new Sense PC 2. It's faster and much quieter than the PC it replaced.

I appreciate the nice job you did tying the cables and was very impressed that you sent the boxes, instructions, and extra parts.

I won't hesitate to buy from you again. Thanks.

Faster and quieter, love that, thanks! Attention to detail, it's very important to us, no item is too small to overlook, in fact the cables are tied in such a manner that if you ever need to upgrade, say add a video card, the PCI express power cables are right there in that spot available for use, and so on with SATA power cables and drives. Thanks for the confidence in a repurchase in the future, looking forward to that, very happy to serve! Thanks Steven for that thoughtful feedback, appreciate it very much, Kamil.

My Sense PC 2 was delivered Friday and I waited until my day off today to set it up. I had a good feeling about the PC starting when I unpacked it. Everything was packed with care and professionally done.

Today I got a monitor for it and set it up. I couldn't be more pleased. Everything works well and it is fast. I'm spending an enjoyable evening transferring my files to it and tweaking it to suit myself.

Thank You

Super Mike, that sounds great, enjoy! Fast PC, love it! Thanks for the great feedback, Kamil

SEVEN (7) years after I bought your Dream PC I have gone through two laptops. Only the desktop PC is flawless. Do you make laptops?

Fab Cecilio! That's so good to hear such long term feedback!

On laptops since we don't build them, we can install a Linux distro of your choice on any new Windows laptop my suppliers stock, and they have a fairly wide range. The only thing is the laptop manufacturer warranty may (I'm not sure) change once I wipe the OS from Windows to Linux. If that's ok please let me know what size screen you like, and what sort of jobs you'll be doing on the laptop i.e. browsing, gaming (gaming will be more expensive), etc., I'll send you a quote. Thanks again for that fab long term feedback! Kamil

Hi Kamil:
My Sense PC 2 works great! I look forward to stepping up to a 4K monitor eventually. The DVI output, though, works great with my Samsung monitor.
I especially like the sound. Through high-end Sony headphones, it is CD-quality.
I like the use of Logical Volume Management for the storage. I easily added a hard drive from the previous Linux computer.
I will recommend you to those looking for an alternative to Windows and Macintosh.
Tom in Winnetka

Many thanks Tom for that great feedback, yes the Linux installation with LVM partitioning allows great flexibility. Thanks for the recommendations, folks moving from away from Windows and Mac will discover a gem in Linux on a fast desktop PC! Thanks again! Kamil

Dream Big PC Custom video review by Scott

Unbelievable Scott, what you've done here creating a video, many thanks, this is a first, you're the best! Thanks for all those kind words about me and CurrentBuild Computer in that super video. It was great working with you on the project of designing and building the computer, a lot of fun! Great now to see your work output on it, and I'm sure much more to come. Enjoy and thanks very much again! Kamil

Love my new PC from current build. Love how fast it boots up and operates. Love the quietness of it. I have been using Ubuntu OS for several years, will not use Windows again.

Super feedback Charlie, thanks! Exactly, any one still using Windows doesn't know Linux yet, or are forced to use Windows for some corporate or other application where you don't have a choice. For those not yet familiar with Linux check out this page to see why we recommend Linux and we don't recommend Windows. Thanks Charlie, enjoy that fast quiet PC with Linux! Kamil.

I was looking for a computer to learn ubuntu and machine learning for under 2k that was not a laptop. I found CurrentBuild and read reviews. Got a Dream PC. It is a fast computer. I got a free upgrade to get it built and not have to wait for the part. He helped me with driver issue and my operator error. I like the idea of being able to upgrade the computer, if I get into serious Machine and Deep learning for robotics.

Thanks Kamil
Lloyd D. in Tracy

Thanks Lloyd for that great feedback! Lloyd got lucky, we didn't have any 24 inch monitors due to supply issues because of these past lockdowns so we shipped him a 27 inch one instead, and a higher video card for the computer for the same reason, for no extra charge! Why not right if we can once in a while, the show must go on! Do it Lloyd, the serious Machine and Deep Learning for robotics that sounds fascinating, glad to be a part of it. Yes you can upgrade that machine big time too anytime, if you need to. Thanks! Kamil

I was doing some research for a new PC. I knew I wanted to get into Linux so I did some searching. I came upon CurrentBuild's website and knew immediately I wanted to support their Custom Small Business Shop. It took roughly 5 minutes of conversation before Kamil identified exactly what I was looking for in my new computer. Three days after that, my new PC arrived at my doorstep. I'm having a blast learning Linux and I can't thank Kamil enough for his expertise and warmth. Would support them again anytime.

Thanks Kamil!
I really am having a blast learning Linux at home. Thank you!

Mike, thanks so much. I love that you said warmth, that really reflects how I feel about all of you who find us and trust us to do a good job with all the options you have out there. Yes, you're going to have a blast with Linux, like me you'll see how Linux is a hidden jewel on the desktop not many know about, well done finding it! Thanks again Mike! Kamil

Kamil, July 2021
I appreciate the quality of your work.

I am learning to use Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa MATE 64 bit. As I learn it, the more I enjoy it. (Sense mini PC).

My Cirque touchpad works great as a cursor mover and scroller. No driver download was needed. The logitech keyboard and mouse work fine. The printer works fine.

In the midst of Covid-created parts shortage, you were able to locate substitute parts and I appreciate that. Also thanks for covering increased cost.

Again I want to thank you.

Bob from NJ

Super feedback Bob, many thanks! That's terrific that the more you use Linux Mint, the more you enjoy it. Thanks for the comment on quality, that's the main thing isn't it to focus on, so customers feel proud of their computer when they see it's a high quality item, that would make me feel good too. Thanks also for the comment on finding substitute parts and my covering of increased costs where possible, the goal really is to get you a great fast computer you'll enjoy using.

Thanks again Bob! Kamil

Hello! I meant to write my review so much earlier than this, so I do apologize. I received my PC on March 31st, and I just wanted to mention it is the best PC I have ever had. It runs fast and couldn’t be more impressed!

Very pleased with purchase! In the future will buy again and will definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to get a new PC or update or whatever they need.

Thank you again for all your help!
Kim B.

Hi Kim, love that 'best PC I have ever had', if you look at all those choices out there that's just thrilling to read, thanks Kim! That just confirms our work is on the right track, our standards stand out in the industry, and it's great to get that feedback.

Enjoy that fast PC and thanks again! Kamil

I absolutely LOVE my computer! Thank you so very much.
Frank LeFrere

Fab feedback Frank, many thanks, that'll help the business! Was great working with you. That mini PC you've got is a powerhouse, good looker and small all at the same time!
All the best and enjoy,

Fast system.
You did a great job on cable management on all those cables from the power supply.
I like how you used the LVM partition option installing Mint 20.1, most people just install it using the whole drive.
And did this version 20.1 add Google Chrome by default or did you install it. Google Chrome collects private data with services, open source Chromium is the better option.
I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine or even Startpage.

Hi Dan,
Thanks, yes it's a fast system!
Thanks for the comments on cable management.
LVM is great, very useful for adding drives in the future or repartitioning. That's an option during installation to use LVM, I always select it, thanks for that comment.

I install Chrome browser separately as a convenience since it's useful, but it can always be removed. Yes Chromium browser is very good and in ways a better option than Chrome. In Chromium on Linux Mint, Yahoo is set as their default search engine which is powered by Microsoft's Bing which I wouldn't use though. Maybe I'll install Chromium with that default Yahoo search engine, and let the user decide whether to switch the search engine to Google search. I also like DuckDuckGo that you like as well, that's a very good option, and I could make that the default search engine in Chromium.

Firefox browser comes installed by default during the installation of Linux Mint, and that also uses Yahoo search by default. I change that to Google search, again maybe I'll leave it at Yahoo or switch it to DuckDuckGo.

Thanks Dan for that great feedback! Kamil

I have been using my new Dream WS for about a week now, and I'm very happy with it. It was effortless to get going with Mint already installed. The fast solid-state storage is a fine thing indeed.

Thanks Tim for that great feedback. Yes, I wish more folk knew how effortless and easy it is to use a pre-installed Linux OS on a fast new computer. Great point on the solid state drive, it makes a huge difference to speed. While CPU companies keep expounding on the faster speed of each iteration of their processors, the single biggest factor in the recent past in dramatically changing the speed of a PC, both in booting the OS and in using the PC, seems to have been the SSD. Thanks again! Kamil

Dear Kamil,

I love the new Linux 20 Dream PC. Beautiful and fast! I am excited to use it in the months ahead for some long overdue video editing. I appreciate your attention to detail and customer service. While I don't have any immediate plans to purchase another computer, you will be my first stop for future purchases. I most certainly will recommend you to my friends and family!

All the best.

Ehrhardt, State of Maine

Beautiful and fast! Attention to detail and customer service. Repeat purchase interest and recommendations. Ehrhardt thank you, that's just the best feedback on several different measures! I hope we can continue to deliver that, that's a high bar, but we'll try as always. Now go take on that video editing 😄! All the best and thanks again, Kamil

The computer is up and running. Everything works well, except my monitor is stuck at 2K, which I expected would be the case. I can live with that until I buy a new monitor.
Thank you so much. I am very happy with this.

Excellent Bob, thanks for that update, and very pleased you're happy with the computer. Let me know if you need a 4K monitor anytime. Thanks! Kamil.

Kamil, thank you very much for accommodating me with the custom system build.
Not only it came exactly as we've specked out, you didn't charge anything extra for the work.
It is so rare nowadays that everything is built in the US and delivered on time.
You've got a very appreciative customer, and a huge possibility of the repeating business, as I'm testing the system for multiple hardware builds.
Vladimir Azersky
Sr Instrument SW Engineer
Cell Therapy Solutions

Many thanks Vlad, super feedback! Look forward to being of service again. All the best in your work, Kamil.

I bought a Linux computer from Currentbuild. I hope he posts this on his site and other forums he is in. I called Kamil and discussed the things I wanted in a system. I am 80, old school and like Linux. Part of the reason is I do not like Bill Gates. I received my computer with Linux Mint, cinnamon installed. I plugged all the cables and it came up and runs very fast with multiple programs running. I prefer Mint, it is an older more complete release than most other Linux's. There were several programs installed, but I installed several more to suit my preferences. There is an easy to use graphic installer for free and paid programs. Kamil has answered all my questions very professionally. I am very pleased with my system. If I can answer any questions, Kamil has my email and phone.
Best Regards, Robert Ratliff

Robert, old school is the best school! Many thanks for your kind words and offer to be available to answer other customer's questions, you're a true sport! Enjoy. Kamil

Kamil, the mint machine has arrived and is already glowing. Thank you so much for tuning up this here super computer for me!

Trey, I love that you called the mini computer a super computer! Yeah mini's can be powerful! Many thanks for the great feedback, Kamil

Hi Kamil,
I've got my new PC running and it is absolutely fabulous!
I certainly came to the right place. Thank you for your care in filling my order.

Thanks Galen, that's all terrific feedback to hear! Manjaro XFCE looked great on the PC, that's also a great customization choice you made from among the other great options of Linux distros we offer to pre-install. Enjoy and thanks! Kamil

I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you but the PC is great. Thanks!

Super John, thanks! Enjoy! Kamil

Kamil, thank you, both OS work great, and we are liking the new computer!

Hi Ben, that's great, thanks for that. With SSD prices dropping, it now makes sense for a dual boot system to install each OS on a separate SSD, so in the future if one SSD needs to be replaced the other OS still runs. That's what we did for Ben's dual boot system that he requested. Earlier one might have installed a dual boot system splitting one hard drive. Kamil

The computer is just wonderful. You did a great job and working with you was a pleasure. It is very fast, has loads of physical room inside the tower so things are not crowded, runs nice and cool and is very attractive. Upgrading and/or replacing will be very doable when the time comes. Getting accustomed to Linux is an ongoing education but learning how to work with it via the terminal is a good challenge. I've never met you and probably never will but you are a standout in quality products and integrity. Thanks again for my computer.


Hi Ellen, many thanks for that great feedback, particularly your mention of quality products and integrity, that's very nice to hear. Yes it would be great to have met you, wish I could meet all my customers and say thanks and chat a bit. Kamil

I ordered a Dream PC with Linux Mint preinstalled and additional memory, through Current Build for my business, and it is without doubt the best computer I have owned (at the time of writing this review, I have been using this computer on a daily basis for three months). I consistently run four high resolution monitors off the video card, and I process photos of finished paintings (for making prints) which in their TIFF state are well over 200 megabytes. When I used to move, upload, or copy folders of these high resolution images, I would go on a walk because it would take forever, but this computer does such tasks quickly. While the following aspect was not a concern of mine (as I had never considered the aesthetics of computers), I was impressed with how it looks, the computer looks awesome; with the transparent side to the computer and the lighted fans which have a soft glow, it is visually pleasing.

Kamil was fantastic to work with; I have rarely encountered such outstanding customer service. I ordered this computer in the midst of mandated lockdowns, when everyone and their dog was setting up their home offices, despite this, and the subsequent shortages of supplies, Kamil still managed to build and send me the computer in a very timely manner, and kept me up to date with any changes that were needed based on supply issues. I am equally impressed with the quality and value of the machine and the excellent customer service and communication.

Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson Fine Art

Jordan that's terrific, I really appreciate that. I am very happy that the machine we created cuts down your workloads time significantly, and the computer looks cool! I love it that the computer we created is going to have a part in the fine art you create! Thanks Jordan! Kamil

Greetings Kamil,

Thought I would give you a little update on the Sense 2 PC that we recently purchased from you. We have had a couple weeks or so to use it and it looks like everything is working good. So far we have not had any problems at all.

I want to thank you for installing the Linux Mint Cinnamon 20. We have had no issues with it either. There is a bit of a learning curve to the transition from Windows 7, which I had expected, but it has been easier than I expected. We still have the Dell with Windows 7 on hand ready to use anytime but I have only gone to it to retrieve some pictures and items I wanted to have on the new machine. Other than that I have had no problem using the new PC with Mint for everything I need.

Learning to use the Terminal will be more of a long term goal since I have to learn from scratch with no previous experience. However, that is not a requirement at this time, it seems I can do most anything that I want or need to do without jumping into that before I am ready.

So far I am happy with the new Sense 2 PC and I would recommend that anybody interested in a new set up to consider getting one. It seems to be a good build and the personal attention I got from you was top notch and made me a happy customer.

Greetings Dave, that's too kind thanks! Ahh when you wrote you're a happy customer that makes my day! Yes no looking back at Windows 7 and Dell! You'll have fun with the terminal over time too, that's a whole separate playhouse you can write commands in and even program down the road! Enjoy and thanks again! Kamil

The PC worked as expected. Absolutely no difficulty or suprises. I just had to get used to the newer version of Linux desktop, as I was used to a very old version.

That's great Abhijit, 'Absolutely no difficulty or surprises' I love that! Thanks! Kamil


I bought a Sense PC 2 from you several months ago. I waited to try it out when I started vacation on May 25. As a first time Linux user, I felt it would be a hard learning curve. I was amazed to be up and running in less than 8 hrs, and being able to install a driver I needed.
I will recommend you to anybody and everyone. You have an incredible machine.

I am so happy with it, that I would like to know if you could do a hard drive for Dell Inspiron 5676 with all needed drivers? Needless to say Microsoft and Windows are being kicked to the street.

Thanks so much.

Hi Charles, that's great to hear that it wasn't a hard learning curve, yes Linux is really pretty easy, just point and click pretty much. Of course there's much more under the hood too if you want to program etc..

Regarding your Dell computer you could pop in the Linux Mint DVD that was sent with your machine into your Dell, boot from there, and run a live Linux session from there, or even install it on your Dell and wipe out all the proprietary software, you know which one lol. Backup your personal files first. Hope you had a great vacation. Thanks again! Kamil.

Pretty wonderful.

Since I had the same program on my old computer I am able to make direct comparisons of the new computer against the performance of the old one.
The new one changes everything with its speed and improved graphics.

Thank you, Kamil for building this. More folks should know about your service.

Richard McDonald

Thanks Richard for that direct comparison, I'm glad you saw that improvement! Kamil

CurrentBuild Computer created a great machine even in a time of supply chaos. The resulting machine was superior to the agreed build request. The best part of the business process was a constant, concerned update on the status of the build and the exchange of status reports were a reassuring unexpected benefit. The experience was one of great professionalism that resulted in a machine that surpassed my expectations.

Wow Jim, thanks for that! It was your flexibility on the scarce parts due to the supply shortages that allowed us to get you a better machine! Thanks again! Kamil

Reason for purchase of CurrentBuild Sense PC: practice C++ and Java programming during State lockdown.

Internet connectivity: an old slow Tracfone CDMA phone. Usually get more than enough computer use at work, so the lockdown is the first time a real internet connection would be useful...

Looked at Dell and CurrentBuild. Dell's web site has no method of selecting Linux, and CurrentBuild PC looked a bit better.

Box: only negative - front buttons designed by Dogbert the Product Designer (see Dilbert, Sat Feb 28, 2015). Suggestion: touch of the flat silver paint for the lower 2 buttons)

Suggestion for tracking: since the Monitor arrived before the PC, without tracking notification, email tracking info for the monitor.

First use of Ubuntu O/S (Unix/Linux/etc used for many years). Kamil installed Gnu C++ for me, so that when the system arrived, time from set up to getting an old C++ s/w distro compiled was about 30m. 'top', '1', showed 4 effective CPUs, so did a "make -j4" to run compiles in parallel.

Negative: the 'vim' included with Ubuntu is really just 'vi'.

Started converting C++ to Java, but no Java compiler included -- there is no "JDK" (Java Development Kit) included with the standard OpenJDK install, and not-too-smart-phone download would take too long, so stopped outside a library, and used the free local wifi to download 200MB JDK9 from jdk.java.net, and installed it in my home directory.

Excellent feedback from a linux programmer! Thanks Greg, hope you turn out some great work on that Sense PC! Thanks, Kamil

Dear Kamil,
The Sense mini PC 2 arrived today, and worked right out of the box, as expected. I am a long time Linux user, and set up my preferred programs, etc. as most users do.

This is my first PC with a solid state drive, and I like it. Linux Mint booted quickly with no issues, and the unit is compact, solidly built, and quiet. The USB-3 ports are easy to access, and there are enough of them for all my accessories. All in all, this Sense mini PC 2 is very satisfactory, and I look forward to using it for years to come.

One unhappy surprise was the Kodi program, which I removed almost immediately because clicking the icon sent it to full screen, with no window controls, and no menu to exit the program (although it had an option to shut down the PC!). Applications that take over the PC this way are alarming, because exiting a program should be easy and intuitive. Alt + F4 ended that business, and out it went. Multimedia programs that build libraries and collections do not suit me anyway.


Dear Miton, many thanks for that great feedback. I too hope you use the Sense mini PC 2 for many years to come!

Kodi does have a button to exit that program and not just shut down the PC, though I agree that button could be more prominent and the attention is drawn to the button to shut down the PC. Maybe coming upgrades to that program Kodi will have their developers take note of that. Thanks again! Kamil

After deciding to migrate from Windows to Linux, I had to find someone to provide a Linux system with the hardware I wanted. While researching system builders, I found CurrentBuild and Kamil Rehman. I “struck gold”. The specifications for the Sense PC 2 were exactly what I was looking for: a new, solid state system with Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS installed. In addition to that, Kamil was the friendly, informative voice that gave me the encouragement to complete the move to Linux. My new SensePC 2 is super! It is easy to use, it is extremely fast, the LibreOffice Write and Calc software is great, and the cost of the system was reasonable. You do not have to be an experienced Linux user to enjoy a new Sense PC 2 system, and if you want to learn more about Linux, this is the system to use. I highly recommend Kamil Rehman and his CurrentBuild team.

What a great review Dan, many thanks! I think it'll inspire many to make the easy move to Linux, and hopefully they'll consider us as their Linux PC manufacturer. Kamil

I received the Sense PC 2 with Linux Mint within just a few days of ordering.
It came with a nice package of applications installed to fill just about every need.
I had the system up and running in just a few minutes without any problems at all.
I expect to buy at least one more for my business in the near future.

Goodby Windows.

Love that you now consider us a trusted supplier of your computers! Looking forward to being your Linux computer partner! Thanks Tim, Kamil

I am well pleased (so far anyway) with my new computer from CurrentBuild. Kamil built me a thing of beauty and helped me out when I had a couple of issues with it (neither of which were because of the computer itself but due to a mouse that was, sorta like me, old and give out*). Thank you again Kamil, I highly recommend CurrentBuild.

Anytime Danny, thanks! Lol on the mouse! Kamil

The Sense PC2 that Kamil built is everything that was promised and more. When I ordered, I asked Kamil about installing Centos 8 on the system, and he said he would try, but he thought the drivers might not exist for the hardware. When in fact they did not work properly, he substituted (with my approval) Linux Mint, which works great. The fact that he was willing to go the extra effort to try my unorthodox request says everything you need to know about CurrentBuild Computer. Highly recommended, and my next machine will definitely be coming from CurrentBuild.

The only problem I had was that the hardware virtualization was not enabled – a problem that took 5 minutes with Google to solve.

Charles F, Arizona

Thanks Charles for taking the time for that great feedback! Yes the current tech hardware in our builds require Linux distros that include newer drivers and kernels. Super, thanks, enjoy! Kamil

Kamil, thanks for a great looking and very fast and easy to use computer. I spoke to you after I had started my computer and you helped me with a couple setting and now I have a great computer. I will promote you and your work thanks so much.

Anytime Benny, thanks for the great feedback. Kamil

Hi Kamil,
I simply cannot put into words how satisfied I am with my first CurrentBuild Sense PC. Far exceeded my expectations of the needed learning curve required to begin using Linux. Way too easy!

Now, if only Autodesk would port to Linux, I could get rid of ALL my MS Windows systems.

Friends and relatives are impressed with the capabilities of the Linux packages and speed of my original Sense PC, but even more impressed with the cost. Most are not sure whether or not I am bluffing when I tell them about the service at CurrentBuild. I just tell them, "Buy one and see!"

I am very impressed with the upgrades since my first purchase (especially the SSD storage - such storage has been too long in arriving as a standard component in the world of PC's - considering the technology has been there for quite a while.)

Once again, thanks for being out there.
Your approach to computers, business, and customers is a wonder and a marvel.

Have a really great day

And again on August 16, 2019, Mark writes

If you find anything useful to yourself or CurrentBuild in the things I say, you have advance permission to use any of my statements. I am not worried about the reliability nor the performance of my newly ordered PC. I know the company behind it will support it.

For many of my working years, I tried to explain to users and managers that it was not necessary to buy the most expensive and powerful PCs for every desk in an office or factory. My philosophy was, "buy PCs that are proven reliable, buy PCs that can be upgraded, buy only what is needed, buy from a source that does not try to 'sell' using techno-hype but provides good support."

As I studied the specifications of each of the CurrentBuild systems in order to make my final decision on my second Linux system, I remembered that old philosophy. I sure wish I could have introduced CurrentBuild to the targets of my earlier conversations. CurrentBuild provides exactly the things I tried to explain, plus the fact that your PC configurations are improved and upgraded as better options become available to you.

As I have stated before, I am very impressed with the upgrades since my first purchase (especially the SSD storage - such storage has been too long in arriving as a standard component in the world of PC's - considering the technology has been there for quite a while.)

Once again, thanks for being out there.Your approach to computers, business, and customers is a wonder and a marvel.
To my associates, friends, and family, "Buy a PC from CurrentBuild and see that what I say is true."

I apologize for the lengthy comments (a throwback to my engineering days when I understood that 'cutting details leads to reduced quality or a faulty design').

So, a lot of words to simply say - Thank you to CurrentBuild and Kamil Rehman.
Mark M

What can I say Mark, that's just great, thanks!!! Kamil

Dear Kamil,
Seamless plug and play, and I am an absolute Linux beginner. (The HDMI plug was a bit difficult to insert, such that I first thought it did not fit).

Installation of a VPN was equally simple, as well as the Linux update that I was automatically prompted to install.

Thank you very much.
Best Regards.

That's the beauty of Linux today, you can be an absolute Linux beginner, never having used it or seen it before, and you'll find it's easy as pie to use! Just point and click. Thanks Michael, enjoy! Kamil.

Had a chance (finally!) to get the new PC up and running--it works great! Much faster than the old machine I had--close to 5 minutes before it was really usable--and Linux is much easier than I had anticipated. Thank you too for putting all the box parts (UPCs and serial no's) together--clever idea!
I would (and will!) definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a new machine.

'Fast'...delivered. Thanks! Kamil

Hi Kamil,
My build is complete! I add a 4tb SATA RAID5 with 3 2tb Seagate Baracudas, super happy. The setup runs quiet and cool.


A couple suggestions for those that buy the kit:
1) One should have a small eyeglass Phillips screwdriver or similar for nvme install.
2) A tube of thermal paste. I'm not so sure about the included thermal film on the cpu.
Otherwise, great selection of components.
Thank you,

That's great David, and thanks for the pic, and the suggestions. Now that build is all you, you can adapt it, upgrade it, expand it, as you like in the future, and it's pretty good right now! Thanks again for taking the time, it'll inspire others to build their own. Kamil

Hello Kamil;
I wanted to wait to give feedback on the machine I bought from you. I'm very happy with the speed and efficiency of Linux and as a first time user, I wish had tried it earlier instead of being a prisoner to Windows!

I also wish WiFi would work; I haven't found an adapter yet that brings it in. I scour the message boards and others have issues as well so maybe the next Distro will have it.

My one suggestion would be to have a simple intro to the machine; I didn't know why it had two buttons on the front.

Freedom from being a 'prisoner to Windows', I love that description Stacie!

Many WiFi adapters with Linux work without any fuss out of the box, some need a driver installed, and a few don't work that's true. One would think some of these manufacturers would take the trouble to come up with a Linux driver if their adapater need a special driver. Fortunately it's not many. Some of the newer motherboards have WiFi and Bluetooth modules integrated, these modules when made by Intel work great with Linux. They're mostly on mini PCs that are small enough they're almost mobile PCs so WiFi is a good feature to have. They're also on some high end motherboards. The mainstream desktops which usually aren't moved around don't need and mostly don't include WiFi since the included wired Internet/LAN jack is sufficent. If you want to add WiFi on those PCs check out our recommended list of Linux compatible WiFi adapters internal or external.

Good suggestion on the documentation. The second smaller button, the reset button, is disapppearing on newer cases, I think that's a trend so that'll take care of that. Thanks for taking the time! Kamil

Recommendation: My experience with CurrentBuild has been excellent.
CurrentBuild provides a line of well balanced (but customizable) systems.
AND you get to choose your pre-installed operating system.
AND CurrentBuild provides help with any technical issues that come up.
All my interactions with CurrentBuild have been courteous, informative, and timely.
I could not be happier, I recommend CurrentBuild highly.
Stan S.

How kind Stan, so happy you are pleased with your PC, OS, the whole system and the choices and service. I'm going to keep trying and keep that going to live up to your recommendation for our future customers. Thanks again for taking the time to write this! Kamil

Since I had been wanting to get away from Windows based OS for quite some time, I finally got up the nerve to order a Mini-PC from CurrentBuild.

Imagine my frustration when the package arrived damaged and inoperable. I contacted Kamil over the phone and after a few PC tests and some emailed photos of the damage, I was told that he would contact the shipper and arrange for free return and that he would get a new one out to me ASAP at no cost to me.

Good to his word, Kamil had the shipper contact me the next day and pick it up for return.

Within about a week I had a working, very nice PC with Linux Mint 19 Tara MATE as the OS up and running on my desk.

Lots of new nuances to learn about Linux systems but I am making headway and am very satisfied so far with the purchase.

We are well enough satisfied that we ordered another of the same model but with a CD/DVD installed for my wife.

Thank you Floyd, too kind. UPS shipping has been mostly great, I think in the past many years I can recall only two times a PC was delivered damaged, sorry it was in your case, and glad we got that fixed right away. Well done on making the switch from Windows to free Linux, yes the unfamiliar takes courage and you did it! Stay in touch and many thanks! Kamil.

Great thanks so much, really like the set up from you

Thanks Craig! That's great you're going to run a server and host your own website using an all free Linux server sofware stack LAMP on the Sense PC with Ubuntu! Wish you much success, Kamil.

Thank you--- love the computer

Thanks Gary! Kamil

I have a System76 laptop and thought about using them for my desktop, but the construction was kind of flimsy and expensive, so I decided to shop. I contacted ZaReason and they never responded. The CurrentBuild computer was very reasonably priced, and when I reached out to CurrentBuild with the details of my needs and interests, I promptly received a very friendly response from Kamil giving lots of helpful information and guidance. After several back-and-forth messages getting my order right for me, he eventually shipped my computer and I was very pleased with the outcome. I ordered it to be shipped in parts so that I would have the experience of building it myself, and when the parts arrived, the motherboard was too big for the case. When I notified Kamil, he immediately offered to send me a correctly sized case without cost to me. I was very impressed and reassured with him; he is clearly working hard to provide a quality service. Once all of the parts arrived I ran into a few obstacles assembling the PC. Every time I wrote an email asking for advice, he very patiently came up with information and I never stayed stuck on an issue for very long. The assembly process was pretty frustrating in the way that electronics can be but he Kamil did a lot to smooth out the process, and in the end I have the very gratifying and educational experience of having successfully put my computer together.

In total, what you get from CurrentBuild is a high quality, reasonably priced computer with some of the best customer service I've encountered. I'll be returning to them if I have any future electronics needs that they service or supply.

Fantastic review Adam, many thanks for taking the time.
I was thinking about the experience you had and I think the main lesson we can learn from assembling a computer by ourselves is that if there's anything we want to do, if we don't quit, it gets done!
Great job, thanks and stay in touch.

I received the Sense Mini this morning. It is a late Christmas present for my college-age son, who is learning Linux. He had it out of the box and running in about 15 minutes using his keyboard, mouse and monitor borrowed from his Raspberry Pi. He is impressed with the Sense Mini's almost instantaneous boot-up, and the xfce desktop environment that you installed as a no-cost special request.
Thank you so much for your quick turnaround - 1 week from order to delivery, including the Christmas holiday!

Dennis super great feedback thanks! Love it that it's for your son and he's pleased! Great present you gave him. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks again, Kamil.

LINUX 18.3 works unbelievably better on my new Mini PC2 than my 3 month old HP Slimline. No boom from speakers on reboot, no fiddling with Alsa to get Logitech stereo, no xrandr hassle to get 2560x1440 monitor to work, no monkey business to update BIOS. And customer service that puts HP to shame. I could not be more satisfied!

Fantastic feedback TJ, I love it when you compare us with the competition. Thanks very much for taking the time and enjoy the PC! Kamil.

Bought a Dream WS for a customer installation and was so pleased with it that I purchased another for myself.
I particularly appreciated the assistance I received installing Windows 10 on the machine and performing the required updates on the system drivers ( a task not needed with Ubuntu).

Ron, nothing better than a vote of confidence from a repeat buyer! Was happy to help with that after sales service on your later Windows installation. Yes separate drivers installation is an additional step with Windows not needed with Linux - easier! Thanks, Kamil. PS that workstation build is a dream isn't it!

I am still using the sense mini pc 3 that was used as a project for CompTIA + class that I was taking at Vantage college. It works great. I have put in a 500gb drive, wireless card and 8 gigs of ram. I want to upgrade the chip, graphics, and add Bluetooth. I was wondering the best way to add bluetooth. Otherwise I have run just about every flavor of ubuntu and debian on this machine. Currently I am running Voyagerlive os gaming edition (based on Ubuntu). This has been the best desktop I have owned thanks again.

Bluetooth worked after I loaded the bluetooth module. I am running voyager os a beautiful impementation of xfce on ubuntu 1604. anyway it worked.

"This has been the best desktop I have owned" that's music to my ears, thanks Jaan! Kamil

Received my Sense PC with Ubuntu preloaded yesterday in perfect condition. Plugged it in, turned it on and it worked just fine. Thank you very much. No more fooling around now that I have a good computer with a good OS. I'm glad I found your web site with lots of good and helpful information.

Excellent Karl, love hearing that plug and play, that's how it should be, many thanks! Kamil

Great system
I've been playing with the system for more than a week now and I'm very satisfied. The speed is more than enough for my needs, and the display is very sharp. Linux Mint, with the Mate desktop, has been easy to learn to work with. Adding software has been a snap so far. There is certainly enough to choose from. The process will certainly be unfamiliar to someone coming from Windows, but after someone has gone through the process once I don't think anyone would feel unease with doing future installations.
A thought, to help folks making the switch to Linux, maybe you could include a short written tutorial about installing a package. In Windows I frequently used Wordpad. That was the first package I looked for, and I found Abiword. Or maybe a game, as I noticed that Solitaire was not installed. Something like that would make a simple installation exercise.
Updates have gone well, although there is a kernel update that I keep ignoring but eventually will probably have to install. That is probably the only thing that I think might give pause to someone wanting to get away from the Windows operating system. However, in reality I think that the only difference between a Linux update and a Windows update is that with Linux one knows about the possible problems before the update; with Windows one learns of the problems after the update when some things no longer work. Of the two processes I would choose the Linux path.
The packaging material from the components is a nice touch. I know exactly what is in the case in case I ever what to upgrade anything, not that I'm planning to do anything like that any time soon.

Thanks Jim for that great feedback. I believe the kernel update is optional, listed under a level of updates not essential, I wouldn't update it unless you need it for some reason. Great that you recommend a transition to Linux, I agree!
Thanks again, Kamil

Dear Kamil,
In the course of time that I have had the equipment that you assembled for me there has only been one problem. The power unit blew. I was able to get another locally.
Otherwise the gear & System are functioning Perfectly. Thank you very much for everything in the past. I recommend You wherever I can.
Love You. Hope You & Your Family are Well.
Dr. Bob

Dear Dr. Bob, Very kind email from you, love you too!
Take care of yourself, I hope you are well, I wish you only the very best.
I'll look into the power supply unit PSU manufacturer that I used and maybe switch to another manufacturer for future orders. Though sometimes these things happen. It probably was under warranty, usually they have at least one year warranties and often 3, 5, or even longer warranties depending on the unit. So if you have time and still have that PSU contact the PSU manufacturer they may send you a replacement you can keep as a spare.
Many thanks again and stay in touch.

Well, I've had a couple of weeks to use my CurrentBuild Dream Windows 10 and Linux Mint/Ubuntu computers. Both are blazing fast. Windows boots in 12 seconds and the Linux computers are even faster. Nice quiet systems; well built and attractive. All the documentation was enclosed and delivered when promised. I am enjoying using both. My mother has visited and wants a Ubuntu system for herself so I may end up buying a third! Thanks kamil.

Hi William, what can I say, that's super feedback, appreciate it, and glad you're enjoying the PCs. The NVMe PCI Express SSD in the Dream PC is the cutting edge today. Hey if I can make Mom happy, that made my day! Thanks friend, Kamil.

Hi Kamil,
Feedback from PC purchase.
Ubuntu software I have been using for some time now and will never go back to Windows. I am glad that you are one of a few that will install other software other than Windows. Nice neat case for the PC. It starts and shuts down quickly. Love the graphics, it's an improvement on my old PC. Overall very nice PC. One disadvantage is that the fan makes more noise than my old PC, but I will get used to it.

Hi Harry, thanks for that great feedback, appreciate it. The nice quick start up and shut down is made possible by the SSD which is way faster than a traditional spinning hard disk drive, I love that speed too. On the fan sound, mini PCs having a smaller case, if they include fans, they're smaller fans and smaller fans have to spin faster to move enough air and consequently tend to make a little more sound than larger fans that can spin slower, be quieter and still move air. The case fan in the Sense mini PC is really an extra precaution in addition to the PSU fan, just to keep things even cooler. If you want little to perhaps unnoticeable sound (there's no hard disk drive noise either), just go ahead and disconnect the case fan from the motherboard case fan header. Run the PC that way and if you find no issues and I don't expect any, keep it disconnected, otherwise just reconnect it. Thanks again! Kamil

Firstly, Kamil was very helpful, even when i screwed up with buying an extra monitor and that is being resolved.
Got the PC, set it up in no time, and it is great: Super fast, clean and nice. Couldn't be happier. In fact, I got from work an HP laptop at the same time with Microsoft 10 and while it is not apples to apples, the HP is so slow, fat and bloated, i cannot imagine ever going back to such an OS.
Again, very happy with my buy, very happy with Kamil's help and kindness, and i wd absolutely recommend Currentbuild to anyone interested in a Linux preloaded PC.

Hi Howard super review, thanks for taking the time and love the comparison to HP and Windows! Enjoy, Kamil.

When I received my Currentbuild Sense mini PC 3 I was excited. I took it with me to my Comptia class at Vantage college. It was used as a teaching aid. It was a small class of 5 people. The PC was easy to put together and a lot of fun. I added 4 more gigs of RAM. The PC handles steam games pretty well. Grant it I am old school and enjoy Civilization 5 and masters of Orion style games.
This computer and mint 18 xfce is very stable combined with great software like Libreoffice, qbittorrent, Calibre Office, VLC, and host of other great software.
I also added a wireless card in case I ever needed it. Components were easy to add later.
One of my favorite programs is wine. I am a big kindle fan and have the kindle for PC app running under wine.
It has been a long time since I get my PC last year but it runs great. I also replaced the hard drive putting in a 500gb drive.

Great review Jaan, thanks for that. Fantastic on the self assembly and adding parts and software whenever you wanted. That's the beauty of self assembly, you're then the master of your computer and can upgrade it at will! Love it that the computer, as it should, is running great months later, and I would love to hear years later. Thanks again, Kamil.

Hey Kamil,
Just wanted to send you a note of feedback.
It has been about three weeks now, and I am quite happy with my linux desktop box. I simply attached my network, monitor, mouse and keyboard and powered it on and I was good to go. The online purchase went smoothly and the box arrived when I was told it would. I would definitely recommend CurrentBuild to my friends.

Thanks Dayn, too kind! Kamil.

I have received my shipment, and I am very pleased with my purchase of the Current Build Sense PC. Everything worked perfectly, right out of the box. I am happy to have found an alternative to the "Big Box" stores, and have at least started down the path to becoming less dependent on Microsoft products. Thanks for the great service provided. Stephen.

Thanks Stephen, excellent! Kamil.

Again,Thank You for your personal service, tech support and everything else you've done to assure that I'm happy with my purchase,and I am. I will absolutely recommend Current Build to anyone I know that is looking for a new computer.

Well done Sonny for installing it yourself! Thanks for the great feedback, Kamil.

I live in SC so we were hit by hurricane Matthew just after all the computer parts started arriving. However, my son and I were able to assemble it without any problems in about 2 days. The computer is for my teenage son to use and I am encouraging him to learn Linux. We initially installed Mint, but my son decided to change to Ubuntu because apparently there is better Steam support. He had some problems at first until I showed him how to adjust the settings for the graphics card. We are happy with the computer and don't have any issues at this time.

Blake, that's so great to hear and many thanks for the feedback. I think this is a great experience for your son, and now he can build his own PCs forever going forward! Kamil.

The current sense computer arrived safely, and on time. One search around the chassis, and I found the on switch. I still don't know what the switch below it does. Reset ?, not likely because that would be redundant. The preloaded Ubuntu came on nicely, and I appreciated your letter with my pswd in it. Unfortunately a window opened saying some drivers were not loaded. I don't know what the drivers were for, so I just left that alone. I tried to use playonlinux for civ 4 gold. but it did not work. Now the not loaded window has disappeared, so maybe I caused something to happen. I am pleased with the computer, you certainly did your part....Jim

Hi Jim, I am very happy you are pleased with the Sense PC. Yes that smaller button is the reset button, use that only if the computer ever freezes which it shouldn't. You can install those drivers, those are related to PlayonLinux, I saw that as well, but that Internet repository was not available at the time. Also, just restart PlayonLinux and that window should reappear. Yes not all Windows programs will work on PlayonLinux. Many thanks again! Kamil. Free PlayonLinux was installed for Jim's Windows games collection.

An absolute pleasure to deal with. Good, grounded technical advice with sound support and a wonderful product. Glad I found Currentbuild!

Many thanks Lloyd, it was a real pleasure working with you as well, many thanks for the kind words. Kamil.

Thank you!
After living happily for 4 months with my Current Build Sense mini PC my HP laser printer suddenly stopped working. After several hours of attempting a fix, I gave up and e-mailed Current Build. Within an hour Kamil called me from a golf course and we spent about 30 minutes attempting a fix with no luck. Kamil researched the problem of missing drivers and plugins and called me the next morning. After almost an hour on the phone guiding me through the process the problem was solved. That was support above and beyond. Thanks Kamil.
Robert H. Hale, DDS

That was fun Robert, when your printer started working, that was as good as a well struck iron to the green! Yes, some HP printers with Linux need an additional plug-in which can be installed using the program hp-setup. That printer was not supplied by us. Thanks Robert for the kind feedback, I appreciate it. Kamil.

Hello Kamil!!
I"m up and running and writing this email on my new pc you supplied! Very happy with this system and I cannot thank you enough for walking me through my unique situation!! Having never used the linux os before, I truly appreciate your patience and willingness to guide a neophyte like myself through the setup procedure neccessary! Top marks, all the way around!! I wish you and your company good fortune and success, and rest assured any one who ask me about my experience will be sent your direction! After the sale it"s the service that counts, and your company is a prime example!

Thanks Drew, that's great feedback. I enjoyed our conversation today, always great to get to speak with a customer! Kamil.

I bought a Dream Big computer a few months ago. Kamil is great to work with and the computer is awesome. I am glad I decided to try Linux, way better than Windows. What Kamil does is risky in my opinion, gets the latest parts and makes them work together. So I am sure there will be a few glitches especially with users that are less experienced. But he is good at it and he seems to be willing to make it right. Happy customer!

Thanks Albert, appreciate that great feedback. It's true, sometimes the hardware in the builds is so new, after all 'current' is in our brand name, that we update the kernel on a standard Linux distro to a more recent one, and sometimes add additional drivers. We do all that for you before the PC is shipped. Thanks again!

Greetings Kamil,
I received your build today and am ultra impressed. I was able to unravel your excellent and meticulous packing, be up and running, and logged in within a matter of minutes. Absolute 5 stars regarding our transaction, shipping time and finished product. I am currently enrolled in a Linux OS college course and have a GUI exam tomorrow, followed by a CLI exam. Due to your expedited build time I will have sufficient time to practice and/or experiment to prepare for the exams. I have previously utilized virtualization using Ubuntu on a Win7 laptop but I found that method fraught with frustration. Big thanks to you mister, keep up the great service and good luck with your future endevours. Cheers from one happy camper.

Warren, that's just great! If you ace your exam, which I'm sure you will, I'm taking credit for that! Thanks friend, Kamil.

I'm very pleased with the Sense PC, both hardware and Mint 17.3 MATE. Everything was as ordered; unpacking and power up was quick. I really like the desktop function and access to everything; setups for different elements of the System, Preferences and Applications is straightforward and clear. I initially had trouble finding the driver(s) for my HP printer, but the built-in links on the Firefox browser for Linux Mint, Community, Forms and Blog provided help. I used Terminal to install the HP Device Manager and related drivers and can now print. I've also used the update manager to update all level 1 and 2 changes. I've downloaded the Opera browser to play with, but it's a little clunky and not as user friendly to me. However, Firefox gives me a slight jitter in the screen while scrolling and sometimes (but not recently) it freezes. I've noticed that others on the web searches have also had this problem. One suggestion I came across was to use the "about:config" command in firefox to change the mouse scroll wheel acceleration plus many other options. I've tried some but haven't noticed any changes. The WiFi Adapter you helped me get going is working ok with good signal strength.

By the way, you may be interested in this: I have an old Macbook (year 2008) that I haven't used for awhile with Processor Intel @ Core 2 Duo CPU T8300 @ 2.4 GHz x 2 with hard drive of 160 GB. I removed all data from this notebook and did a clean install (erased drive) using the ISO DVD you sent with my order. It works perfectly although it is a little slower than the Sense PC.


Jon, love it that you installed Linux on your old Macbook, yes you can use that Linux DVD unlimited times, beauty of Linux!

On the browser, I'm finding currently that Chrome seems to be the best browser for Linux on a new PC. That's Chrome not Chromium which is the open source version and is also very good especially on older 32 bit PCs. While Chromium is available through Software Manager, Chrome install instructions for Linux are on our assembly guide page. We've recently been pre-installing Chrome on all PCs with Linux we ship, try that browser, I think you'll like it. Thanks again for the great feedback! Kamil.

Hi Kamil,
So far have been using the computer about a month, no problems. The absolute fastest computer I have ever used. My first time experience with a solid state drive. Everyone ought to have one. What impressed me most about Currentbuild is your incredible customer service. Everything from my questions to ship date and tracking and the few questions I had on setting it up. You run a first rate company and would certainly recommend your company. Thank you for the very pleasant buying experience.

Warmest Regards,
Samuel S.

Sam great working with you, enjoyed it. Thanks for the very kind words on the service, it is important that our customers have a very pleasant buying experience as you described. Yes an SSD makes a terrific difference, no doubt, thanks for sharing that. Enjoy your new PC! Warmest regards as well, Kamil.

Reluctantly, I decided that it was time to replace my 10-year old XP machines that I use at home for internet access and work-at-home activities. I chose to switch to the Linux Mint OS due to the recent conduct of MicroSoft to its windows users.

I found very few companies who supplied Linux Mint pre-installed and the few that did were on high-end systems. I thought I would have to build my own PC and configure it myself (I have done it before) but then I came across CurrentBuild.

I found that their "Sense" systems were well designed systems at a good price; less costly than if I bought the parts myself. They have chosen stable and proven components that can run any hardware/software that most of us need on a daily basis.

I requested modifications to both of my machines (additional RAM and SSD drives) as well as a dual boot systems for when I MUST use Windows 7 Professional for work. Kamil responded to my emails quickly and suggested good alternatives when I asked for his opinion.

My machines were in my hands in less than 6 days from placing an order, including weekends and customizations. He also shipped me all the packing for my hardware and my OS disk. This way I knew exactly what he has put in my machine.

I had both machines running, finished the final few setup steps, and was connected to the internet in less than 15 minutes after unboxing them. The last few steps are clearly listed on a sheet provided to you and the machine prompts you for obvious answers.

Both systems have been working flawlessly for 2 months now.

I believe CurrentBuild provides a quality service and can provide a much needed option to anyone wanting to get a system with Linux Mint installed. I have and will continue to recommend them to others as the opportunity arises.

Bill, too kind, and thanks for taking the time. We love repeat customers, tells us we're doing something right! Bill with your experience in tech this means a lot, thanks again, Kamil.

Hi Kamil-
I've been really enjoying the Dream PC WS, thank you! The service was superb: prompt, thoughtful, and personal. I appreciate the way you took the time to understand what I was looking for and suggested this combination. It is a powerful machine, and has power where I need it. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a computer that they can understand and control.

Hi Rolfe, that was a monster computer we built, I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come. You inspired the Dream PC WS workstation build. Thanks for the great feedback. Kamil.

The desktop you built for me is an excellent product and at the right price. My brother-in-law is using it and it has been reliable, quiet and its small foot-print is just what he needed. When I need another, I will be coming to you.

That's great to hear. Thanks David, Kamil.

Thanks again for a fine system. I am seriously impressed with your choice of hardware (case, motherboard, processor, etc)

Am pretty sure I will be likewise impressed with software - once I become familiar with it.

The personal assistance and help I have received from Kamil is far beyond any expectations I had, even after reading the feedback on the CurrentBuild website.

I have already begun telling about and recommending CurrentBuild to my friends and business associates.

Very few modern businesses, Internet or otherwise, have been as helpful and/or as quality oriented as CurrentBuild.

Thanks again
Mark Mayo
Electronics Engineer, Database Developer, Multi-subject Technical Educator, Microcomputer to PC Hardware Interfacing, Widget Designer, various programming language programmer, and model railroader.
(yes I have done all these things, and a few more, with over 50yrs in electronics, robotics, and computing)

Mark you are too kind. Coming from your technical expertise background, your endorsement will inspire others I'm sure. I hope CurrentBuild can live up to the standard you have set for us, one thing is for sure your comments will make us try harder knowing we can make a difference. Thanks for the positive encouragement and motivation! Kamil.

I just was checking out your SSD udgrade project, looks and sounds like what I just went through, I think it will go a long way in helping out those of us who are rookies in building/repairing PC's. I want to thank you for all your help and support in my project which was a little rough going but turned out well in the end with great results and also by using Linux 17.2 Mate Edition. In the future I would like to further upgrade the board/CPU. So I am sure you will be hearing from me. Thanks again Kamil.

Gary thanks to you and your hard drive to SSD upgrade project I added that SSD upgrade page. I too always consider upgrading an existing PC before building a new one, and if building a new one designing one that's upgradeable. Upgrading an existing PC with an SSD is probably the best upgrade one can make currently. Well done on getting the job done. Thanks for the feedback. Kamil.

I ordered the Sense mini PC, the least expensive computer on the website, because it was the best deal I could find. We were disappointed with Windows years ago, and switched to Mac, but have now become disappointed with Mac as well; we were anxious to try something new, and so turned to Linux. It has been a pleasant experience - Mint is a friendly and familiar desktop experience, and is fully supported through 2019.

I accidently called CurrentBuild when I tried to call about a completely different order from a different company. The owner was very friendly and asked if we were having any trouble with the computer; we weren't, but I did have several questions which he graciously answered. Then he sent an email with instructions on how to best utilize some of Linux's power. I was amazed at the level of customer service since we had purchased a VERY inexpensive machine. Of course, now we will order from CurrentBuild again without worry.

When we got the computer, it wouldn't read the Windows installation CD for our HP monitor. I clicked into the system to see if the hardware was set up - Linux had already recognized it as an HD monitor and installed the appropriate driver. We look forward to eventually transitioning all of our computers to Linux.

Bill it's great that you're liking Linux, I love your comment 'Mint is a friendly and familiar desktop experience', it really is. Thanks for the kind words as well, it was a pleasure speaking with you. Kamil.

The service I received from Current Build was exemplary. They built the PC with the options I wanted. The price was quite reasonable and the PC has performed exactly as expected. I would highly recommend this company, especially if you are looking for a reasonably priced Linux machine.

Ray, you're the best. Thanks, Kamil

Hi Kamil,

I hope this finds you well.

I had been planning on writing you of my experiences with Linux Mint after a year. That would have been in March; a few things got in the way, primarily my hip replacement surgery (everything is great there, now waiting for a good time to do the other one), but I figure a late report is better than no report.

As I remember it, the major disappointments were inability to get my Epson scanner to work and the limited options on my HP printer. Nothing I tried with the former would work so I ended up disconnecting it an putting it back in its box. The printer (an HP B8500 large-format printer) prints well but I don't have certain options such as two-sided (manual) printing. The Windows printer interface was quite fancy and what I have now is quite generic. Also, I remember the VLC player crashing after clicking on the customize interface button and Google Earth just stopped working after about ten days after I installed it; these last two, and especially GE are not Linux related.

Since Mint 16 wasn't a long term support version of LM, after awhile flash media wouldn't play and I'd receive a security warning. Most often I'd click to play anyway and there were no issues.

Near the end of last year I decided to upgrade to Mint 17 and decided to do it via a cd. By the time I got around to ordering a disc from the site, osdisc.com, the version was 17.1. Even then I waited until early in 2015 before installing it. I checked the Mint community forums and found advice on how to upgrade by basically overwriting the existing install. I went ahead and did that and almost everything worked great. I say 'almost' because there was one weird thing. First I used it as a live cd and when LM17.1 opened it showed the screen with '17.1' displayed. After I installed it the screen still said '16' but moving the mouse cursor over the Menu button showed 'Linux Mint 17.1' so I knew the install went fine. Oh, the VLC player still crashed! No improvement there (and I think I did post the issue on the VLC forum with no responses forthcoming).

Earlier this month I became curious if anything was ever done with Google Earth to make it play nice on a 64-bit Linux system. I found out that something was done and supposedly GE now worked. So I downloaded a copy from the GE site and tried to install it. I received a message saying it was available from a software centre and it was recommended the download be from there. I didn't see any link to any 'software centre' and it didn't say to use the Mint Software Manager so I went to the Synaptic Package Manager and found GE there. I downloaded it and installed it and it actually worked! A little more tweaking involving some copy and paste from another source with the Terminal and now the links with the Panoramio photo site work also. I was now quite happy!

About the same time as I found out about the improvement to GE, I also learned of the upgrade from Mint 17.1 to Mint 17.2 Rafaela. I did what was necessary and, to make the story a little bit shorter, I now have the latest version of Mint, with an updated 'grub' and the recommended kernal. And what makes me almost giddy is that it all works! There were no installation issues whatsoever. I love Linux!

Oh, the VLC player still crashes when I try to open the customization window; can't have everything I suppose. Other than that, my system is perfect.

Regards, from a very satisfied customer

K.S. glad that hip surgery went well. Thanks for the great feedback, now you're a linux pro installing a new version of Linux Mint on your own, well done. Enjoy! By the way for all here's our step by step instructions on how to download and install a free Linux distribution. Kamil

I love your system and Linux Mint. As I wrote to you before my purchase, I am very disappointed and frustrated with Windows , because of it's clumsy and difficult updates, software strangeness, applications that always request more and more money for renewal, and so many Windows Pop Up's that I felt like I was becoming a trained monkey. None of these aggravations exist on your machine. Bravo!

So, I now have your machine in my office on the wall opposite my Windows machine. I wouldn't dare place them next to each other for fear of contamination from the Windows machine. Viruses you know. I now use my Windows machine about 1 or 2% of previous use and soon to be 0%.

After receiving your email, I was thinking how much I appreciate using Linux Mint and then made a donation to Linux Mint. I plan on making scheduled donations to them because I won't go back to Windows, especially Windows 10.

Thank you for great value and excellent service.

Terrific stuff Robert, thanks! Kamil

Kamil walked me through building a Sense mini-PC custom machine, step-by-step. Envisioned as a family project for my son and I, Kamil was extremely accessible for any questions and problems that we faced. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend his services

Gary added "Btw, Linux Mint 17.2 has been great. Really enjoying it as my primary OS."

Gary your can-do spirit and resourcefulness was most impressive. Thanks for the kind words. Kamil

Hello, The computer is fine. It is rather a pain that Adobe Flash for Linux is no longer being supported though a bug fix is still available.

Hi Barry, thanks for the feedback, and glad the computer is fine. Barry, Adobe Flash is mostly a browser issue, not Linux. I use Firefox and Chrome on Linux and Flash works on both. Are you updating your Linux and the installed apps from Update Manager. Every so often there is a browser update and also a Flash update. If you install the updates that should take care of all bugs and security updates. Let me know, thanks, Kamil. P.S. I think Flash is on its way out anyway over time being replaced by HTML5. Remember when Steve Jobs told Adobe that Flash was a problem, he was right.

Kamil --
About a month ago, you assembled a Sense PC for me. I've been using it since then, and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the configuration and your attention to the details of assembling the hardware. Everything worked "out of the box" (well, actually "inside the box"!), and my only complaint is that the fan noise is a bit louder than I hoped it would be. But I was used to a system with no fan, and you did warn me. Your service could not have been better, and it was wonderful to have an expert filter through the many choices and deliver a combination that is close to optimal.

In the rest of this e-mail, I'll collect some notes about the Sense configuration, which might be helpful to another customer.

1. I ordered 250GB of flash memory along with the 1TB hard disk, and although it isn't cheap, I'd recommend it for using multiple operating systems and reducing load times. Having two distinct "hard disks," one fast, one slower, allows the customer to create multiple partitions on each, and place files and file systems for optimal performance. I use mostly Linux systems, and so I placed all of the root ("/") file system on the flash drive, except for "/var" and "/home", which are large and encompass the bulk of files that will be rewritten often.

2. You delivered the system with Linux KUbuntu installed as I requested, and it was nice to have it ready to boot, and to have the CD of KUbuntu that you provided. However, there are many options in an installation, and probably many customers will want to re-install. In particular, I thought I wanted to use Logical Volume (LVM) partitions, but with KUbuntu (and even more with Puppy Linux), LVM is not a help, so I undid your work. Some advice about that: to undo LVM, don't try to gently uninstall it; just wipe all the partition content with the gparted program.

3. The one bit of software difficulty I experienced was an occasional "freezing" of the display for several seconds. The Internet and its forums are really good for diagnosing such problems, and I learned that there is a bug in the Intel GPU driver that causes repeated "graphics resets" that make the windowing system restart. (This happens in lots of systems and applications, not just Kubuntu.) The internet suggests there is a fix on its way from Intel, but that the 3.18 Linux kernels fix the problem. I added the 3.18.13 kernel, which seemed to work. There are lots of sites telling how, e.g..

Please feel free to use any of this e-mail in your promotional literature. I wish you the best of luck with your enterprise -- Well done!

Many thanks Dick. Everyone, see how a lot of our customers are so knowledgeable about Linux and their systems. I use it as an opportunity to learn something new and pass it on. Excellent feedback and thanks for taking the time and caring to share it. Kamil

I can't decide what I'm happier with or more satisfied with, the computer I bought or the man I bought it from. From the very beginning when I was shopping for a computer Kamil could not have been more helpful and pleasant to deal with Instead of trying to take advantage of a "rookie" user and total newcomer to Linux and upselling me to things I didn't need he actually explained to me why I was adding some things I didn't need. In the end I got the perfect computer for my needs, for a fantastic price , and with the great support that I know will always be there. Within days of receiving the computer and being a total Windows guy I proceeded to mess up the entire operating system, sitting there looking at a blank screen unable to do anything. Kamil, although he had no obligation to do so, spent his time helping me, with great patience and understanding, to repair all the damage I had done and then helped me to do things the right way, and even following up on how I was doing. In this day and age it is truly a nice surprise to deal with someone who actually enjoys what they are doing instead of just trying to make money. Should you need any additional information or have any questions, feel free to contact me at: dekubisch@gmail.com .

Thanks Don, what a guy! Kamil

Kamil - I am so happy you built my computer. You took the time to help me select the exact parts I wanted. The computer is so fast at start-up and during operation. You fully supported me through the entire purchasing process. You have continued to be available after I received the computer as well. Using a Linux operating system and not buying a video card separate from the CPU saved me from buying items I did not want or need. Again, thank you so much! Andy

Andy, it was great fun working with you, thanks. Kamil

I bought a Mini Sense with Linux Mint because my old XP machine died the death of a thousand curliecues of smoke and I was just not going to have Windows 8, an OS I despise, decry and deplore. Linux is a new OS to me, so despite a few glitches with the chair to keyboard interface I just love the system. Kamil was extremely helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty to help this Linux-spastic newbie understand the treasure that this system has turned out to be. The only thing I would have done differently is bought extra RAM, it seems I am still addicted to too many open tabs, but that's for another day. Thanks, Kamil!

The performance of the PC's is wonderful - lightning fast. The service was even better. There was always a quick and informative response to every inquiry along the way. CurrentBuild is our vendor of choice, now.

Thanks so much for this nifty little setup ...
Comcast tech helped w/ my wireless connection, which was expected...
My IT friends were all "oooh and ahhhh" .....

I am extremely pleased!! I started using my new linux right out of the box. It is everything that you said it would be! and more. I haven’t had the time to take a deep look at all the things that i need to learn on the tutorials and information sites yet, but will do so a little later.....and i will be making a contribution to the linux community....what a great way to learn and use the internet. Thank you.!

All is working really smoothly. The speed is very good. The computer comes on line soon after it is turned on and shutting also turns off rapidity. Using chromium I did find I could not download Adobe flash but then it can be used with FireFox. And just last Sunday my brother let me know I could download Google Chrome which I was using with my Microsoft computer. Your contact and service are very impressive. I would highly recommend the Currentbuild Dream computer to anyone. The video also is much improved downloading from youtube also. The computer fan is also very quiet...

My son assembled the pc without a hitch as it is pretty straight forward. He is saving his allowance because he now wants to build another pc. Thanks for providing a venue for new pc builder.

I'm having a blast with my new system

Yes, I am happy with the computer you put together. It is fast and easy to use. Thank you.

Hi Kamil, I received my dream pc... Very nice, works like a charm, so thank you! The Ubuntu Linux OS is excellent, the system is easy to use, and is running fast.

Kamil is knowledgeable about desktop processors, motherboards and various configuration dependencies. CurrentBuild helped me choose a configuration, and integrated a desktop for me that suited my requirements, and delivered it to me in a timely manner.

Our experience with Mr. Kamil Rehman: My grandson was 14 years old and wanted a computer that would allow him to play computer games with his friends. He was working and saving his money to make his purchase. But as his Papaw, I thought of a way that might be a learning experience for him. So as I Googled the internet, I found Mr. Kamil Rehman to answer my many questions about the equipment I needed. I asked if it would be a beneficial to buy a computer kit for my grandson to assemble. I asked what I might use as a teaching tool for him. My purpose was to get him more involved in the computer than just game playing. Mr. Kamil assured me a computer kit would be an excellent tool. After doing more research I decided to buy one. It worked! Nathan read all the literature that came with the kit. In addition, he searched the internet for more information. As a bystander, I watched him put it all together. He was excited, but it as he finished up, there were several wires he couldn't figure out how to hook up. I suggested he write to Mr. Kamil, send him the pictures of the loose wires, and hope for a response to the call for help. Nathan wrote the letter explaining his problem. (This was another lesson I hadn't counted on.) Even though Mr. Kamil was out of the country on a business trip, he took time to respond to my grandson's questions. What a pleasant surprise for both of us when we received Mr. Kamil's helpful answers! The computer was up and running! After saving more money, my grandson added additional memory and is planning to upgrade the graphics. Who knows what other additions he will make to his equipment? Thank you, Mr. Kamil, for your time and help.

I got the CurrentBuild unit on-time and it arrived configured as requested. I immediately opened the case to add a 2Tb drive that I was relocating from another computer and was impressed with the neatness of the build. The internal wires, SATA cables, etc. were all tied down where necessary and routed cleanly with right-angle bends. Frankly it looked much better than the computers I’ve built myself. Very happy with the purchase!

My Dream PC with Ubuntu works like a dream. I did a lot of search on the Web for a configurable Linux machine and CurrentBuild was the only one I found that offered a great customer support. I highly recommend CurrentBuild and wish Kamil continued success.

Hi Kamil. I am very happy with the "Dream PC with Mint 16" installed. Every thing that was installed is working great. If asked I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks again. Lloyd

"Kamil, I am more than happy with my new PC from CurrentBuild. It has been working great and I have recommended your company to anyone who asks my advice. A great product at a great price! The linux mint 16 is working great also. I use it now at work, too."

"Kamil, I enjoyed working with you on my computer build project. You have been extremely patient and helpful in working out some problems in the process. I thank you for that. I am very satisfied with the product and the service I received. I would highly recommend you and your product to others. Thanks again and I know you'll be there in the future if I need your assistance."

"I couldn't be happier with my new Current Build desktop! It was set up in a snap and ready to go out of the box. Kamil was great to deal with, and everything was just as advertised! He was very helpful after the sale as well. I will buy my next unit from Current Build. Thanks!"

"Always a pleasure..Thanks again P.S. Try to get service like that from HP or Dell etc !! Post this if you wish!!!"

"When I first started researching buying a new computer it was overwhelming! I needed just the basics but didn't know where to start. I came across CurrentBuild's website and found it very easy to use. I had lots of questions and really didn't have time to search the internet. Kamil was a great help. He answered my questions promptly, thoroughly and in a language I could understand. We purchased our system from CurrentBuild and Kamil walked us through the set up and getting it running as well as subsequent questions. I plan to continue to do business with Kamil. Thanks for all you do!"

"My desktop was doing weird stuff and I knew it was about to blowup soon. I researched the Net and found CurrentBuild's website which had the right amount of info on their customizable computers. I sent them a quick email on my woes, not expecting much response, but was pleasantly surprised! Kamil was fantastic by being so patient and having the skill to communicate with such thoughtful detail, I knew I was going to get the right computer for my needs and more.

He really went the extra mile to make sure I understood everything about setting up my computer with my old hard drive and I was getting what I needed. The service and product are impeccable and I recommend CurrentBuild without hesitation. Ten stars!!"

"Thanks! Everything worked out really well. My son assembled the computer and it works great! It proved to be an excellent learning experience for him!"

"Thank you very much for a great deal and smooth transaction on a great pc. It was crafted beautifully and runs very well. I work in the IT field and will definitely keep you in mind for future purchases. Keep up the great work!"

"I just wanted to thank you for a very positive experience in purchasing and setting up my new Sense pc. I received an excellent computer with quality name brand components for a very good price. By phone you quickly resolved the two problems I encountered in setting it up. I am a happy customer and you will be highly recommended to anyone I talk to. Thanks again."

"Hi Kamil The Dream PC, AMD build II is a fantastic computer for the price. Also, the technical support and customer service are both excellent. I'd recommend CurrentBuild to anyone."

"My CurrentBuild is a great PC and Kamil has been very helpful. If you're looking, look no further. Once you see what CurrentBuild has to offer (i.e. performance, flexibility and economy) you'll most likely agree. I could not be more genuinely enthusiastic. Thank you Kamil. Thank you CurrentBuild."

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Our Mission

At CurrentBuild Computer we think you're the pioneers, the early adopters, the trail blazers, you might not know it yet but you are. Our mission is give you a PC that gives you the confidence to do what you do, making your mark in the world in your own way! We want you to have a fast great computer you can count on, a computer at a good price, a computer you will enjoy. Whether it's for work, play, everyday stuff or all of that!

Our service mission is to be friendly, have genuine interest in you and your project, with care and concern, to all.

Your feedback and reviews tell us if we're on track with our mission. Thanks for passing on your confidence with your experience to the next early adopter to take the reins.

Thanks for the trust and giving us an opportunity to be on your team as you blaze a trail!

CurrentBuild Computer is based in beautiful Santa Monica, California, USA and serving you all over the USA since 2007.


Kamil Rehman, computer enthusiast and founder, CurrentBuild Computer.

Worked in the past for Wells Fargo Advisors (Beverly Hills), Morgan Stanley (Santa Monica), Merrill Lynch (Los Angeles), Futures Brokerage firms (Chicago), ANZ Bank (Mumbai), Colgate Palmolive India (Mumbai).

Master of Management Studies, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, University of Mumbai.
Bachelor of Commerce, Nizam College, Osmania University.

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